How to earn money online & get payment by bKash in Bangladesh.

Nowadays whole world passing acute situation for the pandemic of Ccovid 19. And we all are staying home for the safety & precaution issue. Staying home we all want to do something to pass our time. 

Many people try to do some freelancing job or earn money from online. But many freelancing sites need to more work experience or not easy to earn from them. For that, I want to introduce all of you an easy method to earn money from online. 

And this site name is Binany. com. Basically, is a trading site. Its as like our stock exchange site. And we can easily make registration to go to there site with our email. And their software interface is so user friendly. And we people who know how to trade for those its so good news. Basically, this trading site is made for foreign currency investment & financial services. And who don't know about trading no worries those people all make it easier. And we don't have to invest more money here. You can bid 30 taka only here. And the minimum deposit is 300 taka. When you make registration at first they will give USD 500 for practice. And when you think you can do it then you will invest money here. And if you make a correct forecast then the platform will check and if it's correct then it will pay you 90% profit of your invested money. And another good news that we can invest & deposit money from our bKash account any time anywhere. And their technical support team is too strong. If you have any problem any time when you will claim they will support you.
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