How to Earn $300 Per Day On YouTube?

Now, I know a lot of you are getting started with YouTube or want to know how to make more money through AdSense. So I wanted to make this blog to break down what happened, the strategy behind it and how you can leverage it to generate more money in AdSense, increase the watch time on your channel so you can start to get monetized and hit all those metrics that you need. So that's what I'm going to break down in this blog. If you're excited about it, hit that like button. You know it's going to be in-depth because they always are. And make sure to subscribe and subscribe to get notified every single time I post a new blog. Okay, so let's dive into this.

Now, on average, I am generating about $4,000to $5,000 a month, which is again, absolute craziness. What a time to be alive. It's so insane to me that I get to post videos on the internet and get paid for them, on YouTube, people. And so this is a significant jump to hit a 10K month. It basically doubled my revenue directly from YouTube AdSense. So how did I do it? First and foremost, I focused on what I like to call going intentionally viral. So this means that basically, I focused on the topics that get high views and velocity for me. And I have a whole blog on analytics on my website, which will make those terms make more sense. You can watch that here, and the link. But read this first, so it all kind of ties together. So basically there are certain videos on your channel, which we call breakthrough videos, which are going to experience a higher number of views and a higher amount of velocity in the first 24-hour period versus other videos on your channel. And they're just going to accumulate more views than other videos on your channel. Even if you're getting like 30 views a video and you have one video that jumps up to 60 in a quicker way than the other videos that is what we call a break through video. So that topic is more in demand. So, therefore, you want to make more videos around that topic.

So this month, this particular month, I focused a lot on passive income because I had a breakthrough video talking about passive income. So I made more videos about it and that led to more views. And they were a little bit longer videos which led to more watch time, which led to more ads, which led to more ad revenue. So that's the first thing, is going intentionally viral. So I wanted to show you another example of what this looks like. So I have a client in my Authority Accelerator program who used this intentionally viral strategy and he talked about the fact that he was unconsciously going viral, and then it kind of stopped, and then he used the strategy and things started to take off again and he was getting close to a thousand subscribers a day. And you can see in this screenshot where he's going intentionally viral. He was getting like 7,000, 3,000 views on his videos, and then all of a sudden it just spiked to like 50,000 views on his videos. And this was all organic, no paid traffic, but using this intentionally viral strategy, which very simply put, I can't go into all of the details right now, but very simply put is, it basically means that if you have a video that does well and you have a topic that you know performs really well on your channel or a keyword that performs really well in your channel, keep making videos on that topic because how the algorithm works on YouTube is that it favours you once you build authority in some sort of keyword in the algorithm.

 So for example, if I make a video on passive income, I know it's going to perform well because the science part of YouTube is that the algorithm sees I have past videos on the topic passive income, and then when I make a new one they pushed me further in suggested and they ranked me higher in search because they've already built the authority with my past videos on that topic. Does that make sense? Let me know on the comments. But that's a really important piece to understand when you want to pick up your views, pick up your velocity, and more views can lead to more AdSense.

Now, there are a lot of things that lead to AdSense revenue, and I'm going to talk about that in a second, but that's one thing. So one of the strategies that I use to hit that 10K month with AdSense was going intentionally viral. Another way to do that is to focus on the trends in your industry. So another video that I made that month was on Instagram removing likes, which was a trending topic, and not a lot of people had made videos around it. So I basically set up my camera and was like, let's shoot this. And we shot the video and I got it up really quickly and it just skyrocketed because it was the first on the topic to create that kind of a video. So it capitalized on a trend, which means if something's trending, there's a lot of eyeballs on it, which means there's going to be more views. So paying attention to trends is going to be helpful in this case too. And it gives you that proof that there are viewers out there and there's the demand for it.

Now, of course, you don't want to just copy what other people are doing, if there's a trending topic, you want to use your own unique experience and intel and opinion as well, which is really, really important. But you always have to remember that because YouTube is a keyword-based the platform, if you've had topics you've performed well in, you're going to continue to perform well with those topics as long as the content is actually good, because you have authority with those keywords inside of the algorithm, so YouTube basically favours you. So that's the first part of how I generated so much more income than a month from AdSense because I really leveraged my breakthrough video topics.

Now, the other piece of this is what we call gateway videos. Gateway videos are videos that on other people's channels in the same niche with the same audience, are there videos that they've done recently that have performed way better than their other average videos? If there are, that's another sign to you that there's a demand for that topic, and it's potentially a topic that could really take off for you. So it's good to track those things and pay attention to what's working on other people's channels in your industry and make a video on that topic as well, of course, with your own unique Intel.

So the second thing that led to this jump in my AdSense revenue was product association. So one big thing was creating a video where I talked about the affiliates that I worked with, and I referenced a book, and it generated more in income from that. So this wasn't necessarily AdSense revenue, but I also was able to generate an affiliate income, because, in those videos that got a ton of views and velocity, I was able to capitalize on the affiliate income that was going to come from them, because I mentioned other products and services that weren't my own, but I have an affiliate set up with them.

So one example is, I referenced a book called The One Thing in this blog and it generated more income from my Amazon associates and the Amazon affiliates program. It's not a ton, but it's still income that's coming in without me doing any work really. And it sort of creates this snowball effect, because the more people that watch that blog, the more people go and buy that book. So remember, you always want to keep your products or services that you mentioned, really, really relevant to the video that you're making, so people are more likely to go and click on it. When I made this video on Instagram removing likes, and every Instagram do I make are the ones that are the most popular, I tend to mention a product called Flick, because Flick is a product that I use or a service I use, to help me find the right hashtags on Instagram. And it's been amazing for my Instagram strategy. So I'm generating $1,000 to $2,000 a month in revenue just from affiliate income from that as well. So really important to understand that if you're making a video and you have the ability to mention products or services that you get a cut from or you're an affiliate for, it's a great way to make extra passive income. So factors for making money on YouTube. 

I talked a lot about this in my video about how much I got paid for 100,000 views. But one of the big things you need to understand is that there are so many different variables to actually making money through AdSense on YouTube, and it's not something that you can 100% control. However, to lead to a $10,000 a month from AdSense and $300 plus a day, the big thing for me was understanding my audience, knowing what videos that they actually wanted to see, listening to them, playing to those strengths, playing to the strengths of my site, knowing which keywords I already dominated for. That was a huge part of it because when I know I dominate for a keyword, I know I get more views for those topics. When I get more views, I generally get paid more from AdSense. And views are not the only factor, there are things like, what niche are you in?

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