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YouTube VS IG TV? Which one is best for earning money?

Did you hear the big news Instagram TV or IG TV just launched and people are mumbling maybe it's a YouTube killer well I'm Anik from Bangladesh and today I'll be telling you all about it comparing it to YouTube pros and cons view search algorithms monetization and my thoughts being a full-time YouTuber myself now let's get some of the blanket statements out of the way no YouTube is not shutting down or going away anytime soon. I don't think YouTube is shaking in their boots but they should be watchful and stay humble it's hard to stay on top forever now IG TV its long-form video from one minute up to one hour long and it's vertical video.

I'm used to holding my phone like this when I'm watching YouTube or Netflix or whatever but this next generation up-and-coming they don't do that they hold their phone like this always vertically and then they're scrolling Instagram knows this and as they say IGTV it's built for how you actually, use your phone so videos are full screen and vertical to hold on don't rotate your TV and mount it on the wall vertically just yet I'm not sure how all this is gonna play out and we got to remember our physical eyes do not see the world in portrait mode our peripheral vision sees about yay high but way wider call it sixteen by nine and think about this when you have a group of people and you're trying to squeeze them super tight into a vertical shot just doesn't make sense all this blank dead space not sure how all that content is gonna look vertically.

Now let's quickly talk about that name IG TV I don't love it though I think I see what they're trying to do they're trying to redefine what TV or television means what used to mean of broadcasting signals over-the-air now it's more like any creator you or me big or small can have your own channel and produce your own show but as with any show you need sufficient platform as says in regards to YouTube they have it all they have all the tools they have all the videos they have all the stats they have all the eyeballs they have all the monetization they have every feature you could want as a YouTube watcher and as a YouTube creator all in one place Marquez has some cool perspective on it all I'll link his video down below now let's jump into some quick numbers YouTube is the second most visited website in the world in it's owned by Google the top most visited site they say they have over 1 billion active monthly users and each day those users watch over a billion hours of the video that's just incredible Instagram, however, their desktop game is kind of weak and it's ranked down around13 on the Alexa list but it's primarily a mobile app stats say that they too have 1 billion monthly active users now how fast and easily will your fresh original IG TV videos be featured and shared with new potential viewers that's a big question mark and on a positive note all your current Instagram viewers like me, for example, my 4,500 followers are already following my IG TV channel make sense though search YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world.

Let's say I want to change the oil on my car I'm going to YouTube to search for that I'm not going to IG TV but then again back to the rebranding of what TV it's more about entertainment over there and less about the search for me personally the vast majority of all my YouTube views comes from people searching and this is a good thing in my perspective new and fresh eyeballs are always seen my content this nurtures organic growth how's my organic growth going to look on IGTV algorithms YouTube is crazy good most of the time with knowing your likes dislike what exact videos to serve you all which to keep you on their site or  app the longest amount of time the equation is very simple longer watch time equals more ad revenue YouTube gets more money creators to get more money and advertisers get more ads shown.

 Instagram they're really good at getting those quick hits throughout the day it's kind of like doping up on drugs here's what Sam Schaffer had to say people already spend so much time on Instagram aim Lesly thumbing browsing swiping whether you're waiting to go to the bathroom in a cab trying to fall asleep at night you're kind of just like always on Instagram and these videos are going to keep people on the platform even longer and he's spot on with all that the endless hole of longer-form content will keep you in their app for more time now I found that the average user on YouTube watches over 60 minutes of video every day as for average time spent on Instagram not sure how precise all these are but it's more roughly around half an hour, they've got some catching up to do last up but definitely not least monetization how is Instagram going to make more money but even more importantly how are US creator's going to be enticed to create longer form content and how are we going to get paid what's the big incentive well of course YouTube is set up with their system pretty well it's definitely had their ups and downs but it's already built out anyone in the world you can create a YouTube channel start pumping out videos get enough views then turn on ads and you split some revenue with YouTube now.

How IG TV planning on paying its creators of video that's yet to be seen but hopefully, they'll roll out something soon in the front and just today I saw Honduras right up here they do promote branded content as they title it paid a partnership and Instagram already runs ads in your feeds now if only they got really good at partnering brands and  creators together just like how YouTube bought out Fame but then be great to see as a full-time you tuber myself I don't keep all my eggs in one basket, of course, you got to diversify there's ad revenue but there's also sponsorships and a big one is affiliate links you know when creators like myself sometimes say hey use my links down in the description below well sometimes those are affiliate links and whether you know it or not you’re supporting us creators as sometimes if you make a purchase we could receive a small commission based upon that purchase no cost to you when I look at IG TV there's no big description box it's actually quite hidden as of right now and as we've seen in times past Instagram does not like sending its users off its app to somewhere else thus the annoying links and comments and descriptions are not hyperlinked so that's another prom I see it's not very complimentary to hyperlinks or affiliate programs now closing thoughts I'm super pumped and excited to see where IGTV goes.

 I personally follow me at Schinke we'll be experimenting with uploading custom vertical content over there tinkering with unboxings behind the scenes that sort of stuff I want to hear from you guys let me know what kind of blog you want to see over there and also let me know what you think of IGT V vertical video search algorithms all that now if you're new around here thanks so much for reading and hit subscribe and like & stay up to date on all my tech blog posted every week until next time let's live authentically.

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